Mission-Critical Mobile Communications for Government Agencies

Government agencies - at the state, local and federal level - require mobile voice & data communication solutions that are easy-to-use, secure and encrypted, with transparent roaming capabilities. Faced with unique and challenging business requirements, government IT departments must ensure that in-house workers, remote offices, telecommuters, sub-contractors and mobile workers can effectively collaborate and share critical information securely in an office or on the move.

Our mobile VPN solutions are specifically designed to help government IT departments improve productivity and reduce operational costs while ensuring a high level of security. We offer next generation standards-based mobile VPN solutions that provide government agencies with ubiquitous roaming coverage from an office-based LAN network to a wide range of disparate networks.

  • Best-in-class security: seamless and persistent device and user security even when roaming over disparate networks using best-in-class encryption standards
  • Flexible: control costs while supporting multiple agencies on a single VPN without sacrificing performance. IT administrators from multiple agencies can all operate off the same VPN while maintaining unique agency-specific security and connection procedures

Public Safety

In the split-second world of public safety, first responders need reliable, secure access to mission-critical information. Radio IP Software supports all IP and non-IP networks and delivers seamless connectivity and robust security while controlling costs.

  • Protect the integrity of mobile data being transmitted wirelessly
  • Validate client devices and users accessing the network
  • Simplify authentication processes without creating security breaches


Local & State Government

With constant connectivity and optimized wireless performance, mobile government employees can obtain secure information in the field more efficiently. With the ability to send and receive reports reliably, access the Internet or department Intranet, government agencies can provide a higher level of response to the needs of their community, increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

  • GSA USA certification
  • Best-in-class security and encryption for multiple wireless devices
  • Intuitive, centralize management of client software and policy updates
  • Add multiple users without bottlenecks, time-outs, re-tries or network collapse.


Federal Government

Ubiquitous roaming coverage and premium encryption ensures government employees can collaborate and share information — whether across the office LAN or across a wide range of disparate wireless networks — without risk of security breaches.

  • Authorized ORCA provider (Online Reception & Certification Application)
  • Uninterrupted seamless roaming between ALL networks
  • FIPS 140-2 (DES, 3DES, AES) encryption
  • FBI CJIS (Draft 5), HIPPA and HITECH compliant
  • Application steering capabilities
  • Multi-agency support



Whether access is needed for staff operating out of a single office, across a remote military installation, or for troops deployed across theatres-of-operation worldwide, Radio IP delivers mobile access using any wireless network available without the risk of security breaches.

  • Seamless roaming between ALL networks
  • Best-in-class security and encryption for multiple wireless devices (FIPS 140-2, FBI CJIS, etc.)

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  • Mobile data has transitioned from the status of “nice to have” to the requirement of “need to have” in today’s complex world of policing. The Radio IP product and technical support offered by your staff members always helps to insure our officers are well facilitated with mobile computing connectivity, which positively impacts not only their safety, but also those that they serve and protect.

    Tim Trager, Deputy Division Chief - San Bernardino County
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