Radio IP launches Mult IP 3.11.0

Radio IP launches Mult IP 3.11.0

December 2, 2015

This new version of Mult-IP provides advanced capabilities to better manage Groups, Policies and the entire fleet. Thanks to its newly redesigned Console Clients List Browsing Features, you can filter and sort more easily through the Client List and speed up the identification of single units, Registration Status and Policies.

In addition, this new design lets you monitor the progress of remote updates to mobile clients through the console and enables you to change the Driver-displayed-name through the console. That driver’s name will also appear on the client’s deskband.

Following feedback from the field, Mult-IP 3.11 has replaced the DHCP Server with a DHCP Relay.

Mult-IP gateway now acts as a DHCP relay agent. It is a Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) relay agent that relays Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) messages between Mult-IP clients and DHCP servers for different virtual IP networks.

As such, it will allow Mult-IP to request IPs on specific virtual IP segments according to the policy group associated with the Mult-IP client.

Improved inter-gateway communications

The master gateway election process has been refactored for additional reliability and support of larger gateway farms. This new process allows for the integration of larger fleets and a better inter-gateway communication relying on multicasts instead of broadcasts, which in turn facilitates load balancing capabilities and management of disaster recovery sites.


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