Mult-IP Features

  • Network Agnostic
    Mult-IP supports all networks, from PMR (IP or non-IP based), public/private wireless (cellular, WiFi, LTE, WiMAX) to satellite networks.
  • Advanced Application Steering with Concurrent Networks Technology
    Mult-IP’s patented concurrent networks technology enables administrators to create multiple independent communication networks in one VPN, achieving an ideal balance between coverage, performance, control, reliability and cost.
  • Application and Session Persistence
    Mult-IP’s automatic network reconnect implementation ensures continuous connectivity by automatically and seamlessly reconnecting clients to the network when signal interruptions occur without any loss of data. Overcoming the loss of data associated with connectivity challenges, Mult-IP maintains an open socket connection to the network, giving session persistence and keeping applications running smoothly and continuously. Furthermore, application data is buffered, allowing connections to seamlessly resume following gaps in wireless coverage.
  • Group Policy Management
    Mult-IP’s advanced Group Policy Management feature facilitates fleet management through configurable groups of clients, authentication type and application policies. It allows the IT Administrator to control which application is used by a specific group of users and on which network.
  • Targeted Remote Updates
    The remote update functionality sends Mult-IP updates directly to selected field units using the most cost-effective network resource available. Networks configuration may differ from one group to the other, answering the needs of different groups.
  • Authentication, Encryption and Security
    Mult-IP exceeds the FBI CJIS and HIPAA requirements, providing FIPS 140-2, AES and 3DES encryption, supporting 2-factor authentication and meeting audit functionalities.  Mult-IP also supports multiple administrators to enable easy sharing of a single distributed system.
  • Load Balancing and Scalability
    Mult-IP can scale in-service from one single gateway supporting one thousand users to multiple gateways supporting thousands of simultaneous users without impacting active sessions. On connection, new clients are automatically connected to the gateway with the lightest load.
  • Redundancy and Disaster Recovery Support – No Single Point of Failure
    Mult-IP provides the highest level of reliability via automated and synchronized replication of data between all gateways in a farm. Should one gateway in the farm fail or shut down for maintenance purposes, the client re-connects to the other available gateway(s). This type of redundancy is ideal for disaster recovery planning as the gateway farms can be installed in different geographic locations allowing for continuous operation in the event of a disaster.
  • Split Tunneling
    Split tunneling allows clients to bypass the Mult-IP VPN for low security or pre-defined applications (such as local printer or Internet browsing) when security is not required. It also prevents clients from repeatedly connecting and disconnecting to access resources on separate networks.
  • Network Optimization
    Mult-IP’s patented TCP/IP optimization technique, data compression algorithms, and exclusive advanced modem integration capabilities effectively push more data across the network, improving performance on legacy systems and pulling more ROI from existing network infrastructures.
  • Analytics & Reporting
    Mult-IP’s data collection capabilities produce comprehensive reports providing IT administrators the necessary intelligence for immediate decision making and future planning.

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